About Us

These assisted living and memory care facilities would be developed, constructed, marketed, managed, and operated by our experienced team as owner/managers.

The team will only execute these projects in proven markets utilizing best in class third party market analysis and feasibility study firms that confirm the initial in-house analysis. The Team site selection principals oversee all research and planning then conduct internal market reviews, confirming our research with 3rd party feasibility studies. Once we confirm an exceptional site is found we acquire the land, and then oversee design, engineering, financing, construction, marketing and operations.

Team operations managers provide facilities marketing, and staffing using "A" players hiring practices from caregivers to operations management team leaders.

The goal is to build, own and hold, but, ultimately, the entire Team oversees the refinance or sale of the properties.

Echelon Senior Living Group, LLC (Echelon) has been formed by a group of experienced professionals who are passionate about pursuing excellence in senior living facilities development, marketing and operations. The group was formed to develop upscale, state of the art "best practices" private pay senior care facilities. Facilities would typically include 80 - 120 units (80 - 140 beds) of Assisted Living (~70%) and Memory Care (~30%). Similar sized independent living facilities will also be pursued.

The goal is to develop several facilities over the next 7 years in specific markets (hub and spoke approach) with several Cleveland area projects under development (Operations Management team opened and licensed the first facility in January 2016, and exceeding expectations). More projects are being pursued in Ohio, Michigan, Georgia and South Florida, with markets and parcels identified, under contract or being put under contract. The Team will identify and execute on properties that can create favorable risk-adjusted returns.



A series of key differentiators are seen at Echelon Senior Living Group's facilities. From "Farm to Table" and organic cuisine served in an upscale restaurant style to state of the art technologies that can help forecast health issues. The Group's passion for excellence and pursuit and implementation of best practices can help to catch resident health issues, before the resident ends up in the emergency room. Proprietary State of the Art technologies have been identified and are being implemented by Echelon Senior Living Group at our communities and facilities. These differentiators have been researched and vetted with a national senior living marketing and branding team, along with a nationally respected consulting firm to the lodging industry. These firms met with the principals of Echelon Senior Living Group and helped our team to focus on what the team has done extremely well in past projects, as well as some key differentiators that could be implemented going forward. This has led to what we call the member or club member concept. This means providing 5-star service that includes the best practices in Health training as well as guest services training (e.g. Ritz Carlton, Intercontinental, etc.). This best practices health care training and guest services training is able to help staff be able to implement and relate these caring and helpful qualities to our residents and their families. This is required of all staff and managers.

As an example of the importance of having staff understand how they need to be able to relate to potential new residents and their families, is the ability for each staff person to provide their own version of a 30-second commercial that shows a new member or resident (and their families) the caring and helpful team approach all staff or member services associates/staff are involved with.

Other examples of these differentiators include:

  • Specialized services, similar to concierge services at an upscale hotel.
  • State of the art, proprietary technology that monitors resident and staff. This can help to ascertain falls, the need for emergency help, and imbedded algorithm programs can help with identifying early important health issues.
  • Higher paid staff, this commitment from Echelon Senior Living Group to have higher pay for staff (typically will be 10-15% higher) will attract the best from the local labor pool.
  • Chef prepared, upscale restaurant service with great tasting, organic served cuisines. Also, "Farm to Table" local produce used as often as reasonably possible. This has become more of a benefit to residents, staff and their families than we originally thought.


  • Special and extensive training of staff, showing staff best practices in both the health care and hospitality industries, helping to assure the upscale resident/member services are consistently a part of daily operations.
  • Higher staffing ratios; by providing for staffing levels in the range of 8:1 resident/staffing ratio (versus a 20:1 ration found in many assisted living facilities, allows our team's operations management to not only provide these upscale serves, but assure a caring, helpful environment that is critical to maintain excellence that is our team's overriding requirement.
  • Staff recognition program. By recognizing, with structural programs, positive actions, and efforts by staff along with financial perks for those recognized will help build a positive, caring culture that will benefit the residents/members and provide for excellence in service by employees.

The focus and commitment to staff and residents/members is first. We believe a focus on staff and residents, helps to maintain a low staff turnover, and leads to a high occupancy and a very positive awareness level among residents/members, and this will permeate into the local community by word of mouth. Echelon Senior Living Group believes this commitment to staff and operation our facilities for the benefit of the seniors/members will, in the long term, allow us to meet or exceed expectations.

Management and Owners

Echelon Senior Living Group, LLC and its principals are passionate about senior living wellness, ‘best practices' operations and management using state of the art technology, as well as serving organic food cuisine and Farm to Table produce, all to help resident and staff health. These principals and principal's affiliates shall perform all acquisition, development, management, and disposition services with respect to the properties. Upon completion of each property acquisition and development, the Team shall perform operations, property and asset management services with best in class operations. The Team shall seek to maximize excellence by focusing on supporting staff and assuring quality care for residents.